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Columbia Powder Ruby

The Chinese technique of applying colour in powder form by blowing it through a silk screen at the bottom of a bamboo tube on to a surface prepared by a light application of oil was imitated in England by first laying a ground of solid colour and then stippling it with a fine-grained sponge. Wedgwoood continues to use this technique to produce 'powder' colours for the bone-china tableware Columbia.

Wedgwood china has graced the homes and palaces of the world's most discerning customers for more than 250 years. With the highest quality controls in the industry and an emphasis on leading edge design, Wedgwood Prestige fine bone china tableware makes a statement of the company's commitment to fine dining, inspired living and timeless luxury.

Wedgwood Columbia Powder Ruby Cream Jug
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Cream Jug
150 ml / 0.3 pint
Wedgwood Columbia Powder Ruby
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